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Performance Power Marathon Seminars can be adapted for a college or conservatory setting.
To explore arranging a seminar in your school: Contact Us.

Produce a Seminar for your Colleagues

Performance Power Marathon Seminars can be produced by an individual musician for groups of their colleagues. If you choose to be a producer, you receive a commission for your efforts.

Outline of Steps to Produce a Seminar

  1. First we decide on the days and times. Each 8-1/2 hour seminar is conducted over two days. Including time for breaks, it is usually 5 hours on one day and 4-1/2 hours on the other.
  2. You identify a place to conduct the seminar, preferably without charge: schools, churches, even homes with large living rooms have been used.
  3. You receive 100 brochures including an insert which specifies you as contact person as well as the time of the seminar and where it will take place. You distribute the brochures to your colleagues.You also receive a list of musicians in your area who have previously expressed interest and have already been sent brochures with inserts.
  4. You arrange for snacks to be available during the seminar for which you are reimbursed.
  5. You find a home for Burton Kaplan to sleep during the seminar days, and a place he can teach those who want individual lessons.
  6. In order for a seminar to take place there must be 8 participants (tuition = $125) and a minimum of 13 auditors (tuition = $75).