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I. The Basic Techniques: Improving Concentration & Practice Effectiveness

     a. Observe, Evaluate, Control - the source of power

          1. The Technique of the Pie

          2. The Technique of the Slice

          3. The Technique of the Berry

     b. Setting Achievable Short-Term Practice Goals

          1. The Technique of Success at Any Cost

          2. The Technique of Selective Inattention

          3. The Technique of Impatience

     c. Developing Confident Control of Your Success

          1. The Technique of Intimacy

II. New Strategies for Refining Technical Skill

     a. Improving Coordination and Timing

          1. Stimulating and Regulating Your Internal Beat

          2. The Technique of the Click Track

          3. The Technique of Inhibition: The basic strategy for reprogramming muscle coordination

          4. The Imaging Technique

          5. Developing Accuracy at Fast Tempos

     b. Your Body as an Instrument

          1. Improving Your Warm-up

          2. Listening to Your Body

          3. The Breathing Body & Phrasing

          4. Phrase Miniatures and Playing to Yourself

          5. The Sleep Exercise & Musical Dynamics

          6. The Balance Board

          7. Strength and Stretching for Musicians

     c. The Musical Scale - a strategy for developing tone control

III. Creating Your Interpretation from the Inside Out

     a. The Technique of the Squares

          1. Expressing Music - An Art of Illusion

          2. Volume versus Inflection

     b. The Technique of the Narrative

IV. Developing Performance Consistency and Confidence

          1. The First Try Technique

          2. Controlling Expectations

          3. Opening the Window

          4. Creating Your Personal Space

V. Practicing to Fulfill Your Ambition

          1. Keeping Yourself Honest: The Musician's Practice Log

          2. Defining Your Goals

          3. Managing Life Time to Practice Regularly

          4. Integrating New Techniques into Practicing

          5. Expectations and Ambition

n.b. - Topics will be selected according to the needs of each group