Since 1985
In the quiet beauty of upstate NY
"intimate. collegial. challenging"

Escape your routine into the creative haven of a Practice Marathon Retreat at MMMF. Removed from the pressures of performing and the distractions of everyday life, the Farm environment will stimulate your unique creative energies and enable you to focus them to achieve maximum benefit.

Just imagine awakening to the luxury of sixteen consecutive days with six hours available to practice each day; time and space to walk and exercise obedient to your personal rhythms and desires; room in your mind to dream and formulate new concepts; room in time and spirit to experiment with new ways of doing things; a creative environment where the greatest impediment to progress is the lethargy you may experience after a satisfying gourmet meal. You'll meet colleagues with whom to share your professional joys and sorrows and explore solutions to the myriad of dilemmas all artists experience. Insights abound in daily workshops, frequent lessons and a knock on the door of a colleague next door to stimulate your imagination to cope with both mundane technical problems and the fulfilling aesthetic challenge of creating a compelling interpretation.

"A peaceful, challenging place where you can integrate yourself with your innermost artistic center."
Eva Grusser, First Violin
Lark String Quartet

"At MMMF, the beauty of the natural environment made time stand still. Undisturbed work became effortless and produced quality practice. As a result, my performances were filled with greater ease and insight."
George Taylor, Professor of Viola
Eastman School of Music

Creative, Collegial, Supportive

"Burton Kaplan's close guidance in individual and group settings, in combination with mutually supportive camaraderie and plenty of practice time in a distraction-free environment, can produce dramatic short term gains and lasting long term insights. I would not hesitate to recommend his program to the professional who is motivated to reap the benefits of hard work."
Laura Hamilton, Associate Concertmaster
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

"The thrill of learning that artistry lies within the realm of possibility takes on a new meaning at MMMF. Thanks to BK, good musicians learn how to walk with courage along the road of true discovery and artistic fulfillment."
Heather Kurzbauer, Violinist
Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra

"MMMF is a place of peace, tranquility and beauty. To combine such a distraction-free positive environment with intensive practice, insightful guidance and invaluable collaboration with other musicians on similar journeys, one can only succeed in moving closer to one's ultimate goals."
Kate Setterfield, Cellist
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, England

"MMMF is a place where one can clarify thought, hone practice techniques, or even contemplate radical changes in the safety of a supportive collegial environment. Burton Kaplan is a superlative guide along whichever path one chooses to follow."
Thalia Moore, Associate Principal Cello
San Francisco Opera Orchestra

"Burton Kaplan's techniques are amazing and are relevant to all musicians, regardless of instrument or level of expertise. Each musician was treated with respect. The setting is just beautiful. The instruction masterful. An MMMF Practice retreat is an unforgettable experience."
Susan Antonetti, Flute Faculty
University of Arkansas, Little Rock

"The need for competition and comparison was gone and was replaced with a desire for self-fulfillment and focus."
Alexandra Early, Violinist
Minnesota Orchestra

"If you want to take your playing to a whole new level in an inspiring, thought provoking, challenging yet supportive atmosphere, Burton Kaplan's Practice Retreats are the place to be."
Laurel Hall, Clarinetist
San Francisco Freelancer

"I gained more insight into my process as an artist in one week at MMMF than I did in an entire semester of grad school- what a transformative and immensely powerful experience! I am renewed with hope, truly inspired, and armed with tools and strategies I need (and know how to use them) to succeed. "
Karla Avila, Clarinetist
San Francisco Freelancer

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